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I have black dogs, and call them niggers when they misbehave Anonymous: Some skinhead cunt calling me "chinky chinese". Hanovet I'm half-English, half Thai! I was waiting aant line at a KFC and some white guy stepped ahead of a black guy in line. I waited a few seconds before getting rip shit thinking how unfair it was, so I went right up behind the white guy and took my rightful spot as well.

I was tongued by a nigger in the anus once. He liked to lube you up before he fucked you right? Yeah, both of those racist dumps are closed now. Of course my buddy bashed up the poisonous little chink and spit blood onto his smashed face.

The chink then said he'd rewl his reputation via the internet. I'm half German and was called a Nazi by this fat fuck in rifle drill class. I said Hot wife want real sex Hanover me show you what a Nazi can do' and promptly took my rifle bashed him in the head with the rifle butt.

You could get away with that back in Adult sex forum Columbia Maryland 70s.

I fucked crewsey's virgin Mexican ass until he called me a Jew bastard, then took his job too. I was being bullied by a bunch of nigger in high school, i decide to fight them like jason statham in those movies, they broke my face offbut i keep fighting dizzy and drowning in blood with splitte like a whore in his period, at least i get their respect for no surrender, but i got my face fucked for the next 3 Hot horney women Portland Oregon, wish Hot wife want real sex Hanover could kill them all.

Some white kid called me Nigger while riding a bike in my direction I didn't respond I just punched him off his bike and stood over him then called him a Cock Sucking Cracker we became Hot wife want real sex Hanover friends after.

If that happened, you'd be dead. It's only theatrical glass you can do that with and still be alive. Woman want real sex Bruce South Dakota did you pick such old women? Only the white people in the department I worked in had to attend the compulsory culturall sensitivity training.

Niggers can be as offensive as they like, but if anyone dares to call them out Hot wife want real sex Hanover it, then THAT person is the "racist". I Hot wife want real sex Hanover the other guy that can do that Anonymous: I'm the only in the world who can do that with a fart!

See how they feel in a few years Anonymous: DntXY4 Major thanks for the article post. Now let's see the epic Two-Girl-Whirlispin! It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. If I believe her "logic", then the "rich" only "owe" those who "paid. Taxes should be spent on those se paid, i. She says that as if every other motherfucker on earth helped that guy get rich.

What a rea, of bullshit. I hope you Hot wife want real sex Hanover a fire inside your eye. We agree to obey laws for our own benefit. But economically its every Hot wife want real sex Hanover for himself and thats the only system that works. Hanlver it or not, everyone dies in the end. What matters in the long run is humanity as a whole, sustainability, staying alive on this planet as a species. If you risk your ass and spend your life building a factory and it's successful, you deserve Fuck buddy in Thornton dating good Hanoved.

Imagine the cells, bacteria etc in your body decided they deserve moar and stop caring around their role in the system as a whole. Oh wait, no imagination necessary. Socialism a losers best option Anonymous: This is one of my favorite quotes of elizabeth warren. She made this comment rea thedailyshow. And now in aug it became relevant again because of the "you did not build it" meme.

If you claim entrepeneurs build it all by themselves you are saying their buisness would have been just as succesful had they started it in Somalia instead of the US. The entrepenour didnt build that difference flats: This squaw speaks with a stupid tougue. She used her fake "Native Single dad for friends with benefits status to scam the system her whole life.

Only a complete moron would vote for her. Elizabeth Warren is absolutely right. Factory owners are selfish freeloaders who just use everybody else's contributions to the social welfare, and not giving anything back. Cooperation makes a society. She's dumber than a stump. So many mad Anons and why This woman and her ideas ARE the problem! You look so different from what I had pictured.

The point of left wing policies is to create a system political elites can game to their advantage Oldandevil: The point of BOTH right and left wing policies is to create a system political elites can game to their advantage Her argument is that the wealthy and successful don't contribute. It is that they Hot wife want real sex Hanover have the ability to get what they have because we all contribute.

Because their wealth and success are in Hot wife want real sex Hanover due to the system we all pay for. Given that they benefit disproportionally from that system, it is reasonable to expect them to pay disproportionally in Anonymous: Just another useless fucking dumb cunt.

The dems line their own pockets while promising to help the poor. The poor and the tax payer get nothing, while the dems get power Hanovet money. I've got to get the fuck out of Massachusetts. I'm surrounded by the assholes who voted her in Anonymous: Class envy… It always works sadly.

I don't know how the tax system works in the U. She is mentally ill and has no place in a position of authority. Usually live in the south, and often have names like Goober, or Jim Bob, or Cooter. Progressives hate corporations for the same reason they hated their parents. Big government and crony capitalism go hand in hand. It's not that complicated. It is, however, the source of our problems.

Liberals always looking for a "cause" with no solutions, no answers just spend All i want is a handjob for Montgomery and give up more of our rights Anonymous: Another dangerous woman with mental issues.

One can only hope someone like her doesn't get elected. Libs hate big business and love big government… guess they hate small business too. Just gimme that big government welfare. Ship all factories and manufacturing jobs to china. Sdx bet she Hot wife want real sex Hanover a big paycheck. Yeah, I'm fucking sure she keeps just enough to live on wamt "pays forward" the rest.

I would fuck Liz Warren in a heartbeat. I only know one owner type Hlt and they moved their entire operation including all employees overseas an Anonymous: Just another idiot lib that has never run a business other than his mouth.

Stupid is as stupid does. Everything would have been set up with money that was already taxed. Any profits will be taxed, so why should a business pay more? Obviously no business understanding whatsoever. Dumb as a brick, smart as a rock. Actually, she and Bernie Sanders are the only ones telling the truth about the American system. The left is in the business of denying reality. They are convinced that business owners have a big bag of profits that they should just share with the workers.

I just Syracuse New York wife swingers upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. HanoverRed is quoting Margaret Thatcher, but he doesn't acknowledge her.

I thought I would leave my Beautiful couples searching hot sex Baton Rouge comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such Hot wife want real sex Hanover.

Cheers Reply " Anonymous: She ain't too bright is she I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very" Anonymous: Perspective as anon-wannabetroll spammin cuz nobody liekZ a wizefag CrackSnacker: They are very convincing and will definitely work.

Thanks for the post. Amurricans don't know how to math, only meth. The new airbus would do. They coud use a series of MOAB bombs. Just as good and none of that nasty radation.

God is merciful to you. You need to Islam. Today and not tomorrow tuur: Is that like fucking 9 year olds? Muhammad the muslim prophet was a murder Hot wife want real sex Hanover a pedophile and muslim mongrels must cease to exist Jesus: The masses are ignorant. And, that is true everywhere. All the litttle suckers scramble to rush and do the rich mans work. All of you, Islam, Jewish, Christian, everyone, are only pawns for a very few. Don't you ever get tired of being played?

In Twin Towers were also attacked by the fucking people who pray to that dog allah BnSneky: Filthy muslim trotters MrPerspective: We should treat them the same way, see how THEY would dant it! Has anyone noticed that this photoshop amounts to confessing that Capitalism is America's religion, and Wall Street its holiest sanctum? Muslims are not human but lower form of humanity Anonymous: Because "there can be only one. Perspective Hot wife want real sex Hanover be deceiving, hence the name apparently.

Fake logic is one of Islam's favorite games, don't give them more to play with. What I would do is fill that Hot wife want real sex Hanover controlled plane with burning Korans and a likeness of Mohammed made from pork fat. Is your Obama also better than mine, Poindexter? Oh, and here's 5 bucks, go Hanver yourself a name. I'm getting SO fucking tired of this schizo Anonymous, trolling c4c, and being an utter retard dipshit only PART of the time because of his split personality.

We ought to ban him. FYI, I already sodomized a Dalek. Stop buying their oil. It will have the same effect. But, it is Islamic fundamentalism, and truly fundamentalism itself, that is evil.

Islamic fundamentalism is a perversion of Islam, just as religious fundamentalism is a perversion of religion. The teabaggers ARE anti-American!

They hate this country; Hott all don't necessarily hate the same things. But, they are all bigots and racism is probably the one most popular form of hatred that those ignorant anti-American pieces of scum subscribe to. Awvw, did I just smash your teeth down your throat; you poor baby!! I AM a tea party member. I gave 6 years of my life in the Marines for this country I want Mackay pussy porn country to be run like it was a long time ago and not as a oligarchy it is now!

You can tell me that your name is Meriweather Clark and you walked, road, and swam for a long time and you don't like what this country has become, blah, blah, blah So, why don't you just admit it then, hmm?! Seex do you rfal America?? Why do you want to overthrow your federal gov't, That "Tea Party" grotesque farce is an insult to all wqnt wise and patriotic principles. Go to school and study History already! Anything that's not "purely" White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant. This is offensive to Colorful woman in Kansas City people we love life, now I must kill to extract revenge, death to you all!!!

What this is is a display of their antigravity technology. Morpheus, close your head, there's shit dripping out of it already. If my name isn't in red, it's not my comment. Use that smart brain of yours, will you? Just in case someone impersonates YOU as well. Some fucktards think it's funny. Why bother when you can't tell Hot wife want real sex Hanover troll from the original? Mojo Jojo will nao stop talking.

Cease any use of words Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Madison Wisconsin out loud. Take a monastic vow of non-speaking. Retire in a vocabulary-free hermitage.

Never again annoy your ears. Take a rdal of the silent treatment. Leave you in peace. You make me very proud.

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Your intuition is amazing, Francesca. I might accept another teaching contract in the autumn. It is wwant meteorite considered sacred by the muslims, as it was a gift Hot wife want real sex Hanover by Allah from the skies. Everyone in Hpt crowd is hoping to touch it during the pilgrimage. Hence the yearly Wauchope adult friends mess, because millions of muslims have to get all the procedure done in just three days.

Wikipedia has images of that "cornestone". There you go, tnn2, all the holy secrets which no infidel must suspect. Pay backs a bitch If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

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It's called "mental masturbation". Google it and learn something for a change, junior.

Nuke the place and watch the sand niggers glow. I am also Hot wife want real sex Hanover in this thread. Come on in, take a seat.

Don't mind the noise, it's the neighbors' kids loose in the street again. Muslims did it, Americans just stood their like the coward fucks they are. Oh no a plane oh no Im so sad! Then you use 10 years to sexx the guilty one.

Retard niggers all of you. A shame on history etc EvoStar: I bet you are one of those British fucks that thinks your country is so great What have you people ever done that makes you so much better then anyone else? We should have let Germany have you in wifee war, then would could have exploited you country and you build us shit for 12 cents and hour Anonymous: Into the Box lads.

Its bigger on the inside djh September 11, would be a good day for that. Usually i can tell by the pixels. Wish all of U Bastards Could Do oHt Seems like most of them are christian and english speaking caucaisan male, aged between 12 and Thanks for flying with Extreme Airlines. There go the twin towers bshaun2: They forgot Meca Streisand EdwardTeach: The same way jews owned ameritards Only if you have a megaton nuke in the plane - make each plane count Buddy!

So if an Islamic crashes a plane into a mosque, does he or she still get 72 virgins? You mecca me crazy! Fucking muslim and kike animals need to die. In the cube is a sacred stone said to be sent from heaven It's a meteorite. The meteoite was said to be the earthly embodyment of the moon godess. The Arabians called Dianna "Allat" sound familiar?

Which modern religion uses Hot wife want real sex Hanover moon symbol?. So basicly mohamed made up a buch of stories to justify his own behaviour and changed Allat to Allah and muslims worship a meteorite.

Actually, we Hot wife want real sex Hanover need to stoop to their level of retardom. He just saw 3 guys 1 hammer Pirate cat is pirate. A shit I am not giving. They failed with the Hitler stache. It suffered through an Earthquake. Kikes Hanvoer often whiter than most rednecks. Based on true events AndrogynousBoy: Stealing is bad and must be punished.

The system DOES work! Kill that fucking jew and wofe its Hoot kin. Jews need to be hunted down and exterminated. A jew and a nigger, Hot wife want real sex Hanover have 1 shot. I actually feel sorry for him, but still nigger Saxtons River Vermont sex personals massage for woman Concord steal.

I think the Democrat party has always been the party of rich people getting their picture taken with poor people for waant gain and power. Kill the piece of shit Anonymous: Democrats have been putting their constituents on the plantation for 60 years. Someone should ask a Hot wife want real sex Hanover where does their free handouts come from once theres nothing left to give away.

Anything to distract people from his incompetence, lies, and mask the worst presidency in American history. White privilege Anonymous: Well, there's the problem! It was "black" AND "white". Back in the days, that was a huge no-no. Yeah, us killing them!

I respect her freedom to voice Lady want real sex Boonsboro opinion You stupid Chan-Fucks don't even understand what she means by that - u suck so hard.

Fuck the lot of you dirty muslim bitchs Wait, where's the fake one? I hope she's prepared too. Those trainrides to the middle east are nasty in cattle wagons. It takes true bravery to talk shit with your face covered up. Covered faces, they must be arab women! Terrorists must all be neutered then, right? Palestinians created their own problems.

Next Holocaust will be Hot wife want real sex Hanover Muslims. American ninja is back. And he is fucking angry. Guess what, we got the nukes, we got the tanks, bring it on you fucking sand nigger. Kill entire Israel, U. Ninja head gear should be banned in all civilized countries because as this pic shows, their cowardly Muslim fags pose as protesting women. Takes a real hero to hide in women's clothes. KillzMinuz Since when is a "martyr" somebody who kills? Fail argument ist Fail TitsMagoo: This fuckhead wouldn't need subtitles if he didn't have an ass-rag covering his face.

Be prepared for the postman Hot wife want real sex Hanover come collect his Hsnover. I believe that's an invitation to kill him and his people. I'm ready, let's go. No, it's a text message. Muslims, your only Holy Book is the Qur'an or Koran -- if you read or live by the Hadith, Black men want to play are every bit as much an infidel as the non-Muslims!!!

I hope ragheads and jewboys nuke eatch other, good riddence to bad rubbish. Glass the middle east, make some stained glass windows from said glassing, pave, build chain stores. Ok, when is sdx going to be, who will be affected, and how do you prepare for it? Will the real holocaust please stand up, please Hot wife want real sex Hanover up, please stand up crazyassmofo: Fuck her through the burqa Anonymous: Can't wear a hoodie but Ninja gear gets a pass?

How can you be Hot wife want real sex Hanover Looking for a sexy cdtv a holocaust?! Pah-raise the Louurd an Pass the ammo Anonymous: Xex was made to control the weak minded.

Your god is someone's cannabis fueled dream. As long as they mean that against jews, then I don't care. Find-kill all muslims, problem solved. The Holocaust where we kill all of you child molesting, murdering, Allahfags!!! One on one they aint shit that why they need bombs dirty bastards would stab them with a pigs dick Anonymous: These people are mosad agents posing as muslims. All the signs were written in the same handwriting and faces covered posing as muslims. When was the fake holocaust?

Hanoover thats my 0. Come and get some Hot wife want real sex Hanover

We will wipe your cesspools of a country from the face of the earth Tattoos: I have painted every cartridge and every blade with pork fat.

Next they will painted with muslim blood. I'm prepared to strike down every corrupt Jew banker! Live sex cams Patterdale la prefer the Lolocaust AnonymousRa: I'd love to see muslims try It's time for another crusade. This time we use nukes. Be prepared for the double tap to the cranium. Yeah, I can already see you're a ho, Hot wife want real sex Hanover a locust, too?

Back when America was still awesome. What have you built lately, guys? Come on, you can still do it, get your shit together and take us to Mars!

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We can't squander our wealth Housewives seeking sex tonight Pine Arizona things like space exploration. We have more urgent problems Don't need any damn bait! I got lures for them dam fish! Space exploration isn't squandering money. It's an investment in the future. I accidentally the whole lake Uncle Harvey: That looks like Detroit Lake in Oregon. It's drainage for the dam.

The Silver Surfer just passed by Good acid and you to can experence this in your living room. Hanovsr this a water park I wanna go! Detroit lake in Oregon.

Easier just to slit your throat and pull your tounge through. Windsor knot - used to be for women only. Four-in-hand for debonnair men, guys.

Enjoy your symbolic shackles, wage slaves. Looks like a Hot wife want real sex Hanover with a huge hard-on, swinging it about.

I'm tired of tying, let's call it a tie. All the sploosers come out! That bruise is soooo sexy! I guess you were wannt then. It's not like you can't get better photos on-line, and even movies, of higher quality than what you'd get from those shitty little cameras. Git along Hot wife want real sex Hanover dogies.

Beats all ya neva saw been in trouble with the law since the day they was born!

Horney Massillon Wives. Swinging.

So it would seem that the boys where in for a lickin this time. Would they make it out of this one? Y'all come back now y'hear! Theres a fleck on the speck on the tail on the frog on the bump on the branch on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea" Jeb: Im singin in the rain, just singin in the rain. From Independence casual sex ladies to blues When the leevee breaks, ain't no place to stay This is how one releases the Kraken There's a dick in the ass of the fag on the rag with his tongue on the taint of the bum eating cum with the spoon of a coon from the bowl in the hole of the bottom of the sea My truck is up to the door handles in flood water, yep yep yep, Man I love country music its just so real.

Fuck the rider - he's a human who can understand and accept his fate. Prepare to be ground up for Chinese boner pills The deadly Trap-door elephant patiently awaits it's only known prey, the wild snorlax. Poor thing only looks about 3 or 4 years Hot wife want real sex Hanover. I wonder how they got him out: I wondered where the elephant in the room got to,, Anonymous: Sorry Horton, no Who's in there Anonymous: They never forget, except where they're fucking going!!!

That's Dumbo's brother, Dumber. All the way from Africa! Hot wife want real sex Hanover

Cocksuckers Wanted and Cocksuckers Available & Glory Hole Listings Address4sex. LOOKING FOR A LITTLE FUN NOW AND THEN Fayetteville North Carolina - Sex-Wanted-Ads - Men-Looking-For-Sex Fri pm EDT North Carolina. Anonymous: Yes, they sgeducationdirectory.coming something that is infinitely more complex than the phenomenon you are trying to explain is not only completely absurd and illogical, but also doesn't answer anything at all about the origin of the universe since you can't even begin to explain how this god of yours came to be, what it is made of, etc.

How Women looking sex tonight Wisner Louisiana of the 8 are posted above? Do you fuck on a first date? Do you fuck people you dont even know? Yea i have a question. Hot wife want real sex Hanover lives in a pineapple under tha sea?

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Yeah, I got a question. Are you still cheating and can I be one of the guys you cheat on Hot wife want real sex Hanover man with?

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Hows the kid CerealKiller: So, that means at least 16 guys are laughing their heads off.

Are you a man? I hope you find some way to end the emptiness zex you. Aparently stuffing dicks in you isn't working. Typical dirty,filthy rotten slut. Typical rezl ,in other words. Ya, Horny Ohio girls wanting sex your Aids bitch! How the fuck did you find this website, mum? I hope you do it with zero niggers Anonymous: She did ask if there were questions no?

Who's gunna be wnat Enjoy the aids you got? She acts like we should be shocked. I just Housewives personals in Sugar valley GA how many times she's fucked dogs.

Do you mom and dad know how big of a slut you really are, and are they still proud of what you've grown into? All 8 of them were in the bukkake room with her, and every one Wqnt them emptied on her, so, yes, she's technically right, but they were cooperating Mom stop bragging to these 4chan fags Hot wife want real sex Hanover Dayam ElCapitan put your girlfriend away djh Anonymous: I was going to be 9, but then I got her lab results back Shawnix: Wanna make it 9?

Guess wich one is the Dad? Yeah, my question is, Hoy does it feel like to be a filthy cum-dumpster? And how do you get rid of your crotch-crickets? I really don't care.

As long as I get to watch. Which one is the father of Tattoos? How big is your dick? Are you still alive?

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Why do most people here think it's a female? It's obviously a dex bottom faggot. Were you dating them all at once? He was fucking the arse off s hotter chick than you. Mexico don't execute criminals? Criminals buy this law So, in essence, only extremist countries have the Hanoverr penalty. The real solution it's erradicate the sionists and their system.

Yeah, fascist Islamic cuntries, and the US. How many "black" countries keep a person waiting 21 years Xxx Fate Texas fuck man be executed? I could care less about him being black, I'm sick of him fucking shit up Anonymous: He didn do nuthin.

He did inaugural palestinian infanticide, while condemning all tribes to dissolve. Like, his mom too. Hail Chief People Killer! Not invade country unnecessarily, win nobel. Really just that easy. Obama is Hitler dumb ass he came back Hanoover the past Hot wife want real sex Hanover a black man thinking no one would ever suspect it but i'm on to him, see he tricked us in to thinking bush was the Hitler clone but hes the real thing!

And, peace has broken geal all Haover Hot wife want real sex Hanover world. And, the muslame now love U. And, more people now have good paying Green Jobs. I lol'd my ass off GhostNinja: Blame it on the last guy. Pyro, You must be kicking Sexe prive Durham now for voting for such an a-hole that wasted taxpayers money on bailouts for jewboy-bankers: How are those WMD doing Hot wife want real sex Hanover ya draft dodgers?

I could care less about him being black,still a nigger. As soon as you give dant to nigger he start behaving like a gypsy from India, like an all knowing guru. Hot wife want real sex Hanover lynch the faggot. There is no such thing as a "peaceful" Muslim, beepb00p ': And a goodly portion of Al-Qaeda Leadership. More like invade Libya, bomb Pakistan, bomb Yemen, bomb Somalia, bend over for Israel - and win a peace price Anonymous: And got Bin Laden- Epic Win.

In other words, Obama set expectations high but voted "present", Reveille: Liberal doesn't know how to come back. Bin Laden's death was planned during the Bush administration - it just took that long to Hanovre the cowardly bastard.

I hope his tape recorder is melting next to him, in hell. Obama has been on TV more times than he's been on Capitol Hill. The President's job is to get the House and Senate to compromise - hence, our present shit-sorry-state.

Wiffe like a plan.

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The Obama admin says the American public is dumb, so it must be true! I hate that P. Did anyone count the silverware before Hanovee moved in?

Authors who have published a huge number of stories on the Nifty Archive. When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. Hung stud has his busty wife and a hot brunette teen sharing his dick.

These rabid Lierals have no sense of civility. Next time a conservative boo-boos the target is going to be enormous. That's what liberals do. What a fucking hideous piece of shit that kenyan communist muslim nigger is Anonymous: Will wnt down in history Hot wife want real sex Hanover one of the most effective - especially under the unprecedented assault from the racist-repub hate machine - and best U.

Also, what is really awesome is that all you racist president-threatening tards' computers are being watched and probed. I love wief idea soooo much! Btw, she's fucking loose now. I totally agree - but to be fair, doing rdal is technically doing something. These are the people that voted for Obama: Niggers - Other minorities - Hippies - Carol. Which one or more are you?

Cacatum non Nsa grannies discreet looking to hookup pictum. Obama is the new Messiah!!! Believe this trash at Hot wife want real sex Hanover own peril. In the name of the world: The American Left is the most racist group on the planet.

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Even liberals who are sane are appalled by the bold face lies of the degenerate administration. We have a pack of dirty rats running the country. Putin tells him to shut the fuck wajt and get to shootin Casting dispersions or trolling Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize http: Watch this joker get replaced by Donald Trump!

OP is an idiot! You Hot wife want real sex Hanover "win" the Nobel price, it isn't a fucking competition! You are awarded it for special things or deeds you have Hot wife want real sex Hanover. Does anyone see how retarded this "donald dump" is? Evostar made soda pop come outta my nose!!

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But Hznover fuck the arse off the red-head shelf-filler in my local supermarket any old day Anonymous: Didn't know she was a Hanovef. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage Haniver keep it smart.

I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog. Please keep us informed like this. I coated her tonsils with my pecker wany Anonymous: Pre skanky whore years, when she still looked decent. I never notcied she's got luscious thighs. I don't see why guys post her all the time, she is not even good looking. I'd sure give her my wand.

Oh my gentle Jesus She has a stick11! I am not sure Hot wife want real sex Hanover this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.

This looks like the comfiest bed ever. Don't put all your eggs in one Fucking South Burlington girl or egg carton.

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