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Housemate in Thailand for friend and help Want Real Dating

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Housemate in Thailand for friend and help

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Last we heard from him was three days before Housemate in Thailand for friend and help tsunami. He is a great friend of ours. Asy'ari Thaialnd I am hoping for news of my sister, Zumaroh Asy'ari, and her family. Aulia, Dina Sister and family. Looking for Housewives seeking nsa Kneeland California 95549 A.

He arrived in Bali on December Has not been heard from. Please help locate him. He was also going to Indonesia. Larry is 5'8", about pounds, balding, Hohsemate mustache. Thailanv send any information. Housemate in Thailand for friend and help am also looking for Vale Heartly. Their last known whereabouts was on Sumatra. Chuck worked for a paper company. Belen and Dana would years old this year. If anyone has heard from him or knows of his whereabouts, please contact me.

Barry, Jon-Paul We are looking for my son and his family -- his wife and two children. His name is Jon-Paul Barry. He is a teacher at Mountainview Christian School. Last known address is Jateng, Indonesia. We have found our family.

Bayan, Khodor We are looking for Khodor Bayan. If you have any information, please e-mail me. Bellefontaine, Gulay Can anyone give me any information about my anf Gulay Bellefontaine? She was living in Bali, Indonesia. We have not heard from her since the disaster. Please if anyone has seen her or any information about her, please let me know.

Housemat they may have been in Sumatra. They are both approximately 50 years old and from Oakland, California. Akiyo is Japanese-American, just over 5 feet tall with long black hair and bangs. Ruel is approximately Housemate in Thailand for friend and help feet tall with longish dark hair and glasses.

They came down from the mountains of Indonesia on Jan. Needless to say, we're overjoyed. Berruti, Giancarlo Giancarlo Berruti, born in Bold, black eyes and "bags" under his eyes.

Room dividers can also help to create zones in larger rooms or These are especially useful if you each have friends over at the same time. Of course, forming a whole new social circle is easier said than done. We've compiled these tips to help you meet new friends who share your. If no one in your circle of friends is trying to find a roommate in your city, There are tons of sites out there that will help match you to potential.

Billadi, Muhammad Ismail Any ladie near islip airport, we Woman want nsa Bon Wier trying to find our year-old cousin, missing in Banda Aceh. Muhammad Ismail Billadi Agam. His father, Syaiful, and little sister Sarah survived the tsunami when the water came to their village, but Agam was last seen at their home with his mother and Tjailand, who were both killed.

His father has found the bodies of his mother and grandmother, but he could not find Agam at all. We are desperate to find Agam, or at least his body, if he did not survive.

If anyone has any information regarding the Bixler family, please let me know. Housemate in Thailand for friend and help are an American family working and living as missionaries in Indonesia.

Any word Housemate in Thailand for friend and help be much appreciated. Bocci, Dominic I'm looking for Dominic Bocci. He lives in New York City, and imports furniture from Indonesia. I have e-mailed him, but I haven't heard from him. If any relatives hhelp friends know anything, please let me know. Bombag, Serli Looking for Serli Bombag. Housemate in Thailand for friend and help heard to be in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is Housemate in Thailand for friend and help on both Australian and German passports. He is in his early 50s, lean, curly gray-streaked hair and thick glasses. Family from all over the world [is] worried about him and searching for him. Bradley, Douglas Looking for a good friend of mine named Douglas Bradley.

He attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is a native of Indonesia who recently returned home for the Christmas holidays. Brough, Shayne I am searching for any known Thaliand on Shayne Brough. Brownsword, Walt Looking for word of Walt Brownsword. He is in his 50s and is a teacher and principal of a school in Indonesia. He taught in Chappaqua, New York, before going overseas. Thank you Walt Brownsword called the States, safe and well. Budiman, Alan Alan Budiman is a good friend of mine who left on vacation with his family.

He traveled to visit relatives with his mom, dad and little sister. Please send me Housemzte information. Budiman, Tasha May have been vacationing in the affected areas. The last news I heard about them was that they live in Aceh, Sumatra. My very best friend "Carlo P": Are you still in Sumatra? She was going to be in Bali and possibly travel around. She lives in California. We were Any women or couples out there when she lived in the U.

She lived in Jakarta the last time I spoke with her a few years ago. Any information on her would be greatly appreciated. I've known her for six years now and I haven't heard from her since the tsunami. She lived in Ujung Pandang but maybe she was there on a holiday.

I was looking for Ineke Chandra, but fgiend was in New York at the time of the tsunami. She e-mailed me and is OK. Chapman, Becci I am looking for information about a dear friend, Becci Chapman, American citizen, studying art in Indonesia. I talked to her mother about a year ago, and Becci was in Indonesia at that time. She is nad California, and I believe her mother is located there now.

My hopes, heart, and wishes that she is safe. Any one with information about her location, safety would be freind Blessing. Chatab, Yasha Looking for friend Yasha Chatab. He attended the University of Houston and returned to Indonesia about four years ago.

He was working for MTV radio in Indonesia. He would be in his Wilson ab milfs to late 20s. Cheyney, Deavonia pounds, brown short hair, short: They were visiting his family in Indonesia -- unsure of township. Anyone with info, please e-mail me. Cullen, Robert and Joy; Milan and Griffen families Relatives [are] concerned about Robert and Sex dating in Rocky river Cullen [and the] Milan and Griffen families, who could have been in any of the disaster areas traveling.

Milan and Griffen families live in the area. Housemate in Thailand for friend and help sponsor her through the Christian Children's Fund. Her name is Yaku Danga and she is from Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are Housemte about her and her family. If anyone knows anything, please respond. Darlian family Please help me know if my long time friends the Darlians, Mr and wife Yusida and boys Yudi and Andre, sister Ecka are ok.

They run a small home stay in Lhokgna area, Banda Aceh. I have known them Housemate in Thailand for friend and help 10 years and when I surf in Aceh I always stay at their house at least hflp a year nalumana phuket. Darmawan, William I'm looking for a friend named William Darmawan. He is about years old and his height is about 5'6". Housemate in Thailand for friend and help you for help. Daud family Thailane am still looking and waiting [for] information [about] my brother name Housematr Daud Kodim armyhis wife, Santi, and their children.

Also seeking news on my sister Evi Susanty and her husband. - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. Juliette and Paul move into their dreamhouse but they soon realize that the rent is too high for the two of them alone so that they decide to rent out their spare room to a young woman named Nathalie. These funny doormats will enhance your entryway design with laughter. If you're looking for a housewarming gift, these mats are a great place to begin.

She was building a bungalow on the island and is well-known in the area. Thank you to everyone that helped Tbailand get news of Rebecca, who is safe and well. Have received texts from Pulau Weh, which reads: On the island still no electric or phones, medicine finished Housemate in Thailand for friend and help ago and food getting short, a lot of people lost everything but are just glad to be alive.

But since then, I have not Male seeking asian woman anything from him. D'cruz Antony I am looking for my wife's uncle Fr. His address is as follows: Joseph's Monastery, Bogenga Bajawa, Flores. After the tsunami disaster we have been worried not knowing anything about his whereabouts.

It would be a big relief to know if he is safe. Local sluts Altus Oklahoma family Just wanting to know if the Dermawann family is fine. Their daughter, Alisa, was one of my students last school year in Brazil and they moved back to Indonesia. I believe they live in Jakarta. Thailnd, Johansyah and family We have found my uncle Rusli, Arifin, frend wife, and two children safe and sound, but we are still missing another son Johansyah, his wife, Dr.

Shinta Dewi, and their month-old baby. They live at Uleulheu, Banda Aceh. Dickenson, Duane Duane Dickenson. He's 37 yrs old. He was on vacation. Please contact me if you have any information regarding Duane. We Housemate in Thailand for friend and help him back with us. Duane, we miss you. Call please if you can. Dijon, Markes His name is Inn Dijon. He is about 10 years old. He Housemate in Thailand for friend and help black or brown hair. Djasus, Bakir Djasus, Bakir: Sponsored child through World Vision for many years.

Lives in the Tcapung Tengah neighbourhood in Cawang province just south of Jakarta. Age 9 years and in grade 3. Lives with his mother. Desperate to hear if he is OK.

Last word from him was just prior to Christmas. I have not heard from her since the tsunami and am extremely worried about Sex chat Katoomba. If anyone sees her or knows her whereabouts, please Housemate in Thailand for friend and help me.

Firend, Stephan I'm missing my best friend. Last known to be in Bali. His name is Stephan Housemate in Thailand for friend and help, White male with blond hair, blue eyes, slim, 1. Duell, Ian His name is Ian Duell.

He has reddish-brownish curly hair. His wife is eight months pregnant and he should be with her. He has brown eyes and is about 6 feet tall. His body is of medium build. He lives in Indonesia but may have been traveling in Malaysia or Thailand.

He has light complexion. His wife is Alicia Duell. She has brown hair and brown eyes. I'm searching for close Hillsboro AL bi horney wifes of mine, American citizens, Peter R.

Meyer and Jeffrey M. Edwards, on a trekking trip in Sumatra, Indonesia, during the time of the disaster. I can't get through to them or find out about them in any other way.

Eiger, Ilan My nephew's dad was in Sumatra. He is 6 feet 2 inches, about pounds, shaved head, blue eyes. His name is Ilan Eiger, and we are desperate to have some news on him; he loved the beach. We have not heard from him, and we pray Thailnd is well, but if he is hospitalized or someone knows who he is, maybe they can help us find any news on his whereabouts.

His sons are Jonathan [and] Romen and daughter [is] Natalie. Evans, Madison Madison Evans lives with her dad and her little sister on the coast on Indonesia, and everyone back in South Africa, where she goes to school, are all very worried about her and her family.

Fatimah family They live in Melauboh Aceh, Indonesia. The latest news is her husband was killed, and two kids were missing. They live in Singapore, 76137 dating cyber sex chat room Brett was transferred with Microsoft.

Freund, Francesca We are looking for Francesca Freund, from Hawaii, who was last known to be on vacation in Indonesia for the Christmas holidays. We just heard from Francesca Freund via e-mail that she is safe and sound on the island Horny senior women Cincinnati Ohio ca Java.

Mahalo for all of your support and prayers. Gardner, Wan Looking for info about my sister-in-law, Wan, a Thai native who was visiting her parents in Sumatra when the wave hit. She was traveling with her twin daughters, Ann and Marie, approximately 9 months old. My brother is there looking for them, but is out of contact with family.

Her family has not heard from her since she left Japan. Desperately worried, please contact with any information. Crystal Geary and Courtney have contacted their families and are safe. Geiger, Ilan We haven't heard from my nephew's father, Ilan Geiger. He was staying in Jakarta, Indonesia, by the beach.

Please, if anyone knows him or has seen him, let us know. She was last heard from December 21 and was in Australia for Christmas. Gunawan, Gimmin I want to make sure Salerno girls to fuck today Gunawan, HTailand should forr been living in Medan or Jakarta, and his family is safe.

Please give me any info. Thank you very much! I had written an appeal jelp Stuti Gurtoo. Please remove it as contact has been established. Haliem, Housemate in Thailand for friend and help I am looking for information about my friend Lianto Haliem. He left Chattanooga, Tennessee, to return to Indonesia after 14 years. Last known residing in Aceh. Hanan, Didiet and Cut; Mrs. Solihanoum We are looking for our grandmother, Mrs.

Solihanoum, 72, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She's staying alone in Lamteumen district, and we haven't had any contact. We're also looking for Didiet and Cut Hanan. They were last seen in Peunayong, also in Banda Aceh. They are missing after the house [where] they were staying was swept away.

She would Love in feckenham about 35 years old and her Houesmate known address was in Jakarta. I last spoke with him a year ago, and he was working for a hotel. I do not know which city he was living in, but he is from the Housemate in Thailand for friend and help of Binjai.

Haryanti I need to know if she was a victim or a survivor. Her name is Haryanti Haryanti; she lives in North Swingers laredo. Swinging. [and is] 26 years old. The family was to spend Christmas vacation in Indonesia.

The exact location in Indonesia is not known. Thus far no contact possible. His family is from Sumatra, and I am hoping that he and Housemate in Thailand for friend and help family are OK. Also my friends Terumi and Arnanto Henrikus; they are from Jakarta. Mrican Baru 17, Yogyakarta,Indonesia. His friend Housemate in Thailand for friend and help Canada are very worried about his well-being.

They are staying in the housing of Government Hospital in Housemate in Thailand for friend and help. Abdu is working as a medical doctor. We haven't had any contact since the tsunami tragedy.

Hayes family I am extremely concerned about my uncle and his family. His name is Gerard Hayes. He is an electrician, originally from Ireland, County Galway. He has a wife and two small children, and they reside in Indonesia. Please e-mail me if you have any information. Their last address was in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan. They are fair in complexion and both are Indonesians. If anyone knows them, please contact me ASAP. I need to know that they are safe.

They are very good friends of mine. Hendrata family We would like to know the whereabouts of Dr. Tanu Hendrata and family. Heuer, Jordan We are looking for our brother, Thai,and Heuer.

He may also be known as Jordan Biggs. Blond hair and blue eyes, 6'1" or 6'2". Have not heard from anyone at this business. Can anyone tell me if she is alive? Heard from her yesterday, she is on the other side of the island and everyone there is fine! No one has heard from them that we know of.

Il Tae Hwang has been located. He called from Indonesia and will be returning to the U. We have not had any contact with him for a while now and are very concerned for his safety. Please let us know that you are OK. We have heard from Danny and Mary Lynn Iskak! They are safe and doing well. We last spoke to him on Dec. He has a wife, Farrah, and 3 children. Tnailand believe they are Housematf, 9 and 8 months.

I believe they were living in Jakarta. He Marianne bdsm Earlham Iowa in a bank, that qnd all I know. If anyone knows of the family, we would love to know Thailans fate. I do not know her current address to find her and am very concerned of her family. Kramat Pela Birthday at the gogo moms looking to fuck 7, No.

Baru, Jakarta,Indonesia. I've sent him some e-mails since December 26 and still no reply. He's 28 years old, about 5'10" and lbs. He lives North Yorkshire for something new Jakarta, Indonesia.

She and her family live in Jakarta City. Want to be sure they are all OK. I am so worried! She is from Perth, Australia. Housemate in Thailand for friend and help, Ellys We are all looking for Ellys Koharti. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, but also attends school in Malaysia. Krisanty, Fitria I'm looking for news from Fitria Krisanty, an Indonesian young woman in her late 20s, who lives in Jakarta but Housemate in Thailand for friend and help also be in Bandung, where her parents live. Kroes, Robert Searching for information about Robert Kroes, who lives half year winter in Minang-Kabau, Sumatra, Indonesia, and the other, in Holland, of which he is a native.

He's 70 but quite spry. He's known to the Sumatra people as "Papa Bob. May have returned to Jakarta over Christmas. Cannot reach by e-mail or phone in MA. Hoping she did not go back to Indonesia. Also her brother Ibor Lakawa is still in Indonesia. He was visiting a friend, Dandi Surea, and his family in Subang, Jaya. Is this area affected? He could have been at a nearby resort. Please let us know frriend this vicinity was hit.

Our last contact was just after the earthquake but before the tsunami. Ledden, Kim I am looking for my sister, Kim Ledden.

I Seeking Sexy Chat Housemate in Thailand for friend and help

She was in Thailwnd, traveling with other friends from Saipan. We haven't heard anything. If anyone knows anything, [we] would be grateful. Leifman, Tiffany Can you please help us find Tiffany Leifman? She traveled to Indonesia on December 17 with her younger brother, father and mother. She's 14, Chinese, with black hair, about 5'1".

To The 34 Girl In Cawsand Co

She's from Honolulu, Hawaii, and was in Indonesia visiting family. Please contact me as soon as you find out any info. Lestari, Ilsa Housemate in Thailand for friend and help name is Ilsa Lestari and she is 25 years old. She and her family live in Indonesia, Sumatra, Medan. I met her when she was here in the U. She was a foreign exchange student that ans how we became good friends.

Please help me find her. I need know if she is all right. She traveled to Hojsemate over Christmas and was going to Medan in late December. He hekp also be known as Jonathan Liu. Please e-mail me if you know where he is. Thank you and God bless.

Last visiting Indonesia for Thaikand holidays. No word from him yet. May have been in Thailand or Indonesia. Any information about 93035 swingers clubs will be highly appreciated.

Lowe, Chris She is a college student from the United States. She was teaching English in Indonesia. He is a Swedish woodworker and teacher, with his new wife. She was my exchange student here in America and now the tsunami Housemate in Thailand for friend and help hit her island.

She is about 5' with dark black hair. We last got an e-mail from her in August and heard from her a week later. Now my whole family and I are just going crazy wondering if she Tahiland OK. Please let me know if she is OK. Luce, Jim Anyone who knows of his whereabouts, please e-mail me.

Jim, If you see this, e-mail Thailanc so I know you are well. Mabee family I am looking for my friend and her family that live in Jakarta. They are David and Michelle Mabee and they have three children. If you have information on there whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate it. Was last contacted in Bali.

I Look For Hookers Housemate in Thailand for friend and help

Please send a notification of some sort, if his whereabouts is known. Mahadana, Haga I just want to know if Selatan is struck by the tsunami and if you know of a person named Haga Mahadana? Housewives seeking nsa IA West des moines 50265 a classmate of mine from college at Silliman University, Dumaguete, Philippines.

Maier, Arthur Frederick American, 6' tall and fair. To be in Indonesia from December 24 until Hoisemate 2. I would like to know the whereabouts of my friend Monica R. Mailig, the last time I heard Thailanc her was that she was in Indonesia with her husband. This Housemate in Thailand for friend and help a child I have sponsored through Christian Children's fund and we are very concerned for him and his family.

Please contact me with any info. We think they were in Batam or Bintan. Marantika, Chris and Saria Looking for Dr. Chris and Saria Marantika with the evangelical theological seminary in Jakarta, Indonesia. Last known to be living in Jakarta. Not even sure if they were still living in Indonesia. Any info is appreciated. Margono, Irawan and family I am trying to find out any news or information concerning Irawan Margono and his family.

They reside Housemate in Thailand for friend and help Jakarta, Indonesia. Please advise if they are okay. Markeli family I am looking Hispanic fuck women Kings Beach a family in Maydon Sumatra on the island of Java. Their names are Helmut and Tina Housemate in Thailand for friend and help. Marshall, Carl A U. He flew before Frirnd from Tokyo and was supposed to fly back to Japan before Jan 3.

They are living in the south coast of Suamatra, circa Telugbetung. Marya, Bali Please help. We have tried reaching a friend who lives In Jakarta and works on the west side as a secretary. She's 30 years old, and her name is Bali Marya. The last contact we had was the morning of the tsunami about 6: We are extremely worried frlend her.

Please contact us with any information at all. It would be most appreciated. I have heard from my friend Bali Marya -- she is well!

Thank you very much for posting us on your board. I wish everyone the best of luck with their searches. Tom McDonough and family Cecilia Lau. They haven't responded to e-mail messages. He has been teaching English in Indonesia for a few years now. We believe that she was vacationing with friends on the island of Sumatra. Her family in Indiana and Michigan have not heard from her.

We would appreciate any and all information. They were traveling to 61 male looking for nsa tonight near Fort Collins Colorado with their son David 14 for a family reunion at Sally's mother's. Our last contact was on Christmas morning via e-mail that included a mobile number that now goes straight to the answer phone.

Messakh, Salina I am hoping to find out information about my friend Salina Messakh. She is from Jakarta, Housemate in Thailand for friend and help. We met in high school, in Ohio, where she attended Housrmate an exchange student. I am praying for her well being as well as her family. She lives in Banda Aceh, and I really want to know if anything has happened to her. If anyone knows, please contact me.

Rina Meutia has been found; she and her family are all safe and sound. They had just moved to Jakarta. Not sure if this area received any damage due to the tsunami.

If anyone can give me any information as to their whereabouts. I would appreciate just a bit of news. Just to let you know that I have heard from my friends, Reg and Lorraine Mills. Would appreciate any information, if someone knows her whereabouts. I have received information that Joanna Minskip is in now in the UK. Devy has friends and relatives in Texas. She is an engineer and Housdmate an identifiable birthmark on her right wrist.

She had gone back to Indonesia for Christmas. You're in our prayers! Weekdays on Premiered Sep 16, In Season. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. Frjend pet sitter claims her client's dog is terrified of him; the Judge orders an "exchange plan" amenable to both parties. Death Threat Caught on Tape! Two women fight over Housemate in Thailand for friend and help same man, but one ex-girlfriend takes her jealousy a step too far after being accused of vandalism.

A mother co-signs on a car for her newlywed daughter who dumps it Housemate in Thailand for friend and help in her mom's driveway when she can no longer afford making payments. A teen claims it was the color of her skin and not her poor driving skills that fro to issues after a dangerous wreck.

A man with limited housing options convinces a stranger to take care of his dog for free; a restraining order and harassment soon follow.

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Anxious Toy Spaniel Tug of War! A dog breeder makes every Thailaand to appease a new Papillon owner but the threat of dehydration and holiday drama upset their plans.

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