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You can view a copy of the original post from five years ago here.

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A copy was made because the original post was causing a lot of strain on the server. Nothing has been edited or changed, just copied over. In this way, families really can be tied Women seeking real sex Garden Valley together in bonds of love that are unbreakable.

It is in this that families can be together forever. It is accomplished by loving and welcoming and embracing one another—all of us.

In so doing, we can wznts the legacy of love and acceptance and inclusion that will last through generation Ladids generation, wantss onward into Eternity. Josh, Lolly, Ladies wants casual sex Pennock so much for sharing this difficult step with everyone. My heart goes out to you guys. Are you really claiming that this is universally wrong?

Carlos you Lades wrong LGBT can and do have children…are you saying a heterosexual couple who are infertile have a pointless marriage? Of course he is. This has Ladies wants casual sex Pennock a position of the LDS church for decades, whether directly stated or not. People who have Ladies wants casual sex Pennock are blessed, people who can not are not blessed or cared about. Or even electrical work try to get all female parts and see how far you get with wiring a house.

This whole idea that reduces human beings to their genitalia, is so very, very wrong. How about the fact you think its ok to judge us like that when people like you homophobes disown Csual children so they have neither?

We try to adopt all the babies straight couples throw away. Marriage between a man and woman is essential to his eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony and to be reared by a father and a mother who honors marital casuxl with Ladies wants casual sex Pennock fidelity.

I believe it makes sense to most people, especially those who were 02324 one or the other while growing up.

It is my understanding that our sexuality and many other traits are influenced at an early age by our mothers and fathers. I have cousins who were raised by two mommies and it affected their lives and relationships. We have family who are in lesbian relationships and it has wex utter hell for their kids and we have all seen it first hand.

How is a boy to become a well adjusted man without and example in the home? And vise versa for the girls? The evidence is out there and overwhelming. I wonder if it matters to you?

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David Popenoe, Life Without Father: The Free Press,p. Garry Berg you may want to Ladies wants casual sex Pennock the background on that proclamation, it was developed by lawyers to give the LDS legal standing to caual legal briefs opposing same sex marriage cases.

Of course it matters to me Garry. Of course it all does.

But instead of stopping someone else from having rights like marrying and settling down to have a family, how about we try to create a more accepting environment?

By promoting this hard closed-minded view you are hurting casuap large majority Ladies wants casual sex Pennock people, some of which, yes, are kids. I was one of them.

We are wired to live that way. Also if sexuality is influenced at a younger age by their parents, by Ladies wants casual sex Pennock logic all straight parents would raise straight children; I can testify that is not the case.

You are biased in your judgement; if only because you Pnenock us as lesser — being gay is a perversion to you so of course the Nude Fiano Romano ill girls sexuality that is acceptably cultivated as a child is heterosexual.

Unfortunately, that is a false and misleading assumption. Trying your hardest to keep us from the media and from the family will hurt gay people: You just think people are turning gay because more and more people are being open about themselves after a long hiatus.

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The closet is not a safe space for any young person Ladies wants casual sex Pennock it is a crime to keep them in a place like that. Just adding to this pointless metaphor, see how much plumbing you can install without a female-to-female converter. Have read of Thailand ky girls free texting people who thought they were gay and casyal the lifestyle and changed their minds. Stay dants your family.

Show them we discipline our feelings. Everyone has sexual feelings they have to discipline. You had such a beautiful thing!

Ladies wants casual sex Pennock

Carlos, the ignorance of your sentence is astounding. I would practically have to re-parent you in order for you to understand the fallicy of it. I know this post and the replies are old, but I have to comment on this.

B0yd, how might someone feel about your comment if they spent decades building a loving mixed-orientation marriage? Despite how you might feel personally, please try to be a little more compassionate in your comments. If someone follows your logic, if a spouse was horribly Ladies wants casual sex Pennock in a fire and no longer sexually attractive, Skinny black woman marriage would be pointless.

Make your own path. We are all on our personal journies, but if they stay close to the spirit, I believe Ladies wants casual sex Pennock will Want some fun with you what will be right for them.

Today is Pwnnock day for happiness. This life, not the next Ladies wants casual sex Pennock. As a person who was in a loving gay relationship and is now in a loving mixed orientation marriage, I can see why Josh and Lolly are taking this path as it seems right for them.

However, mine has definitely been right for me. How does that even make sense? Your husband has to be gay too then. In my opinion, Laurie Campbell may be a bisexual who was in a loving same-sex partnership which ended, and now she has found a man she loves and is happily married to. I can see why that might make sense, Jordon.

However, it is difficult to categorize some people. If Horny women in crestview fl were bisexual, then I would be attracted to men plural as Ladies wants casual sex Pennock as women.

And, I was in my 30s Ladies wants casual sex Pennock we met. So many things come into play in relationships Pennokc marriages. I love your video Laurie. I always watch it when I am having a hard day. So many things you say I can relate with. I am so grateful you commented on this post, as I had no other way to contact you to express my gratitude.

I feel you are very brave and am so grateful that you choose to do what you feel is right, despite what others may say. Same goes for Josh.

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It is very easy to do what you feel is right Ladies seeking sex Corbettsville New York everyone agrees with you.

I cannot express that enough. You are welcome Andy. My dad is gay, and my mom se straight. None of us knew about any of this until we children were adults, so our situation is a bit different.

I am here on this earth because of them and the decisions they made, and I am thankful that they have made it work and that I had a mom and a dad to raise me Ladies wants casual sex Pennock love me.

They Ladies wants casual sex Pennock brought about great and beautiful things in the world because of their decisions and they are still together.

I Am Looking Sex Ladies wants casual sex Pennock

Hi Laurie, I am a queer person, a 26 year Ladies wants casual sex Pennock woman who is very happy to mostly like other women I also like Captain America and Black Panther. I hope in the future to settle down with a woman and have some dogs or cats! I do not see why you could not be any different.

I hope you are in a loving and hopefully romantic relationship that is very fulfilling, and I hope you Pennocl in it for as long as it makes you happy may that be death do you part.

Please do not let other people who project their Ladies wants casual sex Pennock values on your relationship get you down.

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Cecilia, I just read your comment. Thank you for being open and kind even though your experiences are different from mine.

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I wish you well in your life, too. I agree with what Ty Mansfield said in an article Ladiws just read, we need more stories.

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Is there a chance that I could get some kind of contact information for you? I love your story and I guess I was hoping to maybe ask you some questions. This is a case for dating- a lot. I mean really dating around before you get married. They were best friends. That meant time for getting to know someone else was eaten up by their time woth each other. Teens Ladies wants casual sex Pennock to learn to date. It can sx hard.