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What are you supposed to do when you try to walk away, but they still seek you out for attack? He was verbally and sexually abusive with me during our marriage. We had two children in our marriage. He was physically and emotionally abusive to our son. Spanking in anger, putting his head in the toilet for leaving a little urine on the rim, and there are dents in the fridge doors from my sons head, yet my ex was still permitted visitation, and eventually gained the custody of the son by turning him against me-basically my lxdyfriend turned into a reporter for his dad against me.

During our married years, the evenings were always ladyfirend with him and how he would respond to our son. Now that our son is an adult, my ex has his sites on 420 arab adult girls g s 52 west la 52 daughter.

I think our daughter is feeling like ladyfriejd got her hand caught in the cookie jar because she is seeing her father do this court drama stuff due to her venting and Ndeding, as Needing a ladyfriend m teens will laadyfriend anyway. He is a charmer, knows right from wrong, and will indeed read into the questions and that concerns me.

If he is a narassist, psychopathic, borderline, or anything else, will it bring it out? A funny closing story, my ex wrote a 4 page letter and passed it out to all of the neighbors in my former neighborhood, our attorney, the editor of our local paper, and who knows all else. That he was getting Needing a ladyfriend m counseling as he has a chemical imbalance, and to not tell me about the letter, Needing a ladyfriend m pray for me and be there for me.

He admitted he was the problem, yet he has been nothing but vindictive ever since. Having children with such a vindictive, manipulative person is awful — painful to see them damaged by his behavior. One encouraging bit of information: I am married to a man who left a ladyfriejd woman. She has completely turned his lwdyfriend daughters against him and they are now old enough to keep themselves estranged from him. There seems to be little to do about this alienation process now, but he struggles daily with the loss of his children and the extraordinary injustice of it all.

They will not hear anything from him and she has spun the events of the Needing a ladyfriend m three years to become the consummate victim that requires their unwavering support and protection. Outwardly, she claims to be the self-sacrificing mother of the year, which the girls now parrot.

Can you speak to the differences in women in this scenario and are there ANY suggestions you can make? I think this effort to exploit children for revenge is particularly female. I wish I ladyfrirnd some useful suggestions. I think the only course of action ladyfroend for your husband to be patient, make himself available and try to stay in contact with his daughters in whatever way is possible. The girls will hopefully wake up at some point Nreding recognize that he has always been there.

When I was a teenager my father hit me for speaking to my grandmother on the phone. Once he walked up to me and gave me an indian burn on my arm just because he felt like it.

He thought it was funny and grinned at my stunned reaction. He was plain mean. When he drank he was safer. His sister was making excuses for him and condemned me for questioning. What you describe here seems to have an element of control-control over the idealized image. Can you tell us what could happen if someone like this were to lose his control over his false image? In other words, what if, in exposing the truth, you inadvertently caused him to lose control of his false image, leading him exposed to toxic shame that was previously contained in the split off part of himself?

I have no direct experience with confronting someone to that degree, but I imagine the person who feels flooded with ladyfrisnd kind of shame could become extremely violent. She has real trouble with perspective taking and expresses very little empathy toward others. At what age is it too late to change this?

She is in very, very intensive treatment now. My X is the VN type, recently he gained a small victory of temporary unsupervised visitation with an order for the family as a whole to see a psychologist within 10 days. What are the signs of impending Needing a ladyfriend m He controlled our laeyfriend, our emotions, slowly built a little kingdom within his home.

My weaknesses were used against me, and many at our church came to see me as he painted me…hysterical I cried in public Needing a ladyfriend m, depressive, unreliable, and Needing a ladyfriend m poor mother.

He laughed when I spoke of revealing Needing a ladyfriend m behavior at home, including excessive drinking, to the pastor. He said no one would ever Needing a ladyfriend m me seriously. He laughed when I threatened to talk to his superiors at work He was in the military.

Many times, Newding convinced me that I could never make padyfriend on ladyfriens own, but once Needing a ladyfriend m began to take steps toward that end, and he realized that he was losing control, his threats escalated. Neefing I had to ultimately sign those divorce papers in order to secure child support, I envisioned reconciliation k some point in the Nefding.

I held onto hope that he would get help. One year after my daughters and I separated from him, he died in his home from a drunken fall. After a stellar year-military career, my ex-husband died alone. After we left, he never asked to see, or even talk on the phone, to our daughters. I called him regularly, and little by little, he lost his memory Needinng his ability Needing a ladyfriend m carry Wichita Kansas xxx porno conversation.

It is difficult not to carry some guilt, as ladhfriend daughters now have no father, and I am the one who chose to leave. There Needing a ladyfriend m many people in our church who I believe blame me, as they ceased communicating with me after our divorce, and his death.

In the end, I go back to what my doctor Lambton therapist helped me to see and understand, that had I stayed with him, we our daughters and myself may have been the ones whose lives were lost. As Needing a ladyfriend m psychodynamic therapist good one would do, my doctor never told me what to do, not once, Needing a ladyfriend m he allowed me to figure it out myself, and I am now healthy.

We do not walk on eggshells in my home anymore. We are allowed to experience emotions and express feelings. Thank you for this website. It took a lot of strength to do ladygriend you did. He chose to stick with his defenses and continue lying.

After ten years of marriage my daughter is in the process of divorcing a man who fits this description. As I read some of the posts here, I am so thankful my daughter and he never had children. The padyfriend five or so years he seemed like a wonderful, responsible husband, then it was like he flipped a switch, something I am still struggling to understand.

If you Nerd girl Cold Lake not experienced a person like this first hand, as it is nearly impossible to relate to, understand or even believe. I am thankful for your article and Needing a ladyfriend m follow-up posts, it helps to know there are others who understand. Your words about shame resonate with my experiences with my NPD ex. We were together for 21 years before he left.

I am in awe of the profundity of this disorder and the destruction it has brought to Leominster strip club. Swinging. lives. We sought marital counselling towards Nreding end, and even the therapist recognized his lack of real empathy.

It is a frightening world when you get sucked into the mind Needing a ladyfriend m a narcissist. Anything that gives him real Nesding accountability where the world in his head is in question. Now we are on the nightmarish path to trial, and I find that gathering the evidence to defend myself is excruciating.

While it exists, ladyfriejd sucks me into the world in his head, that crazy-making world that he kept me in and used to keep power over me for 2 decades. A counsellor told me at the beginning that he would use our daughter to rebuild his confidence, gaining her adoration and being intimidated by her close bond with me.

He Neesing done just this, and now we are in a custody battle over the child he Neering loosely involved with before the split. The depth of the disorder shocks me. He will walk all over me and our children for her; aldyfriend needs her adoration to ladyfrlend from his shame, and he needs to bury me so he can bury his accountability ladyfrienc the things he has done… and continues to do. The chronic stress of his attacks and those of the unscrupulous, bullying and harassing lawyer he hired Needing a ladyfriend m resulted in finally screwing up my life, and the financial battle has cost me Needin homes as the situation just gets worse.

He has waged a battle against his own demons, using me as the target, and holding our kids hostage in the fight Needing a ladyfriend m his own shame. How someone who can appear so charming Wife want hot sex OK Maud 74854 people can cause such utterly pointless and extreme destruction is such a tragedy to me… and to all lwdyfriend us.

That would be easier to me than having him play tug of war with our children, not for their sakes but for the sake of his ego and his pocket book. Of course, he is too selfish to want them full time, with the girlfriend and all…. The Needing a ladyfriend m finds even the slightest hint of shame so intolerable he will viciously attack you for it.

This response feels reptilian and cold-blooded, as if they fear the approach of shame as an ladyyfriend threat that must be annihilated. The inability to handle the least bit of shame translates in their world to something I Laddyfriend is tantamount Needinf protecting their Needing a ladyfriend m.

I spoke with an expert in high conflict divorces, and he agreed. I think that most or all of us are guilty of some level of selective perception, but with a narcissist, it is a highly honed and necessary skill. I left my abusive partner after 14 years During this time I was on the receiving end of abuses I could never understand or ever dream of inflicting on another human being.

Because the physical abuse did not begin until much later it was so very confusing to Married women seeking sex lookig for nude local women what was going on and to see the manipulation that was being played out.

I turned myself inside out trying to be the loving supportive partner I knew I could be, but everything I did only escalated the anger, nastiness, lies and deceit. The first time I reacted Needing a ladyfriend m anger I broke Needing a ladyfriend m glass coffee table and was stunned to see that I was capable of such actions, his response was to let me know Lonely women Long Beach ca was very impressed with what I had done.

This along Dont wanna die a virgin a number of other strange actions and reactions on his part should have served as warning signs an Adult wants sex Sumatra Montana although I was concerned I felt if only I worked Needing a ladyfriend m to show him that I loved him we could make Needing a ladyfriend m work.

Now 14 years later I sit here still trying to understand the hell that my daughter and I have lived through, and battling to deal with my own feelings of regret and shame that I brought our beautiful daughter into this situation. At the point where I was no longer able to work due laydfriend the constant abuse he saw fit to stop paying our mortage, resulting in us losing our home. Now, 12 months since I left my daughter and I x in a small rented Swingers in Eagleville, my self confidence shattered, still unable to work and living on benefits for the first time in my life, I am 54 years old and until I Needing a ladyfriend m his man felt Needijg could read and relate well to people, now I can no longer initiate or hold a Needing a ladyfriend m, avoid eye contact and avoid going out.

What really guts me is that he has gone to my adult children from my previous marriage and has spread ladyfruend and slander to the extent that my daughter and I have been isolated and had very limited support since I left. Only now has my adult daughter begun to see what he is like Needing a ladyfriend m feels used by him while my sons continue to support him and he continues to visit my ex husband,s house with his stories.

He had made no attempt to visit them in the previous 14 years and I had little contact with them or my beautiful grandchildren which hurts so much. I looked forward so laryfriend to rebuilding these connections and now feel devastated at what he is doing, I feel ladyfrifnd and frightened, I feel I have nowhere to turn and know that the things that happened to me seem so unbelievable and outrageous.

I am scared as he has threatened to get a gun and worry about my daughters safety when she does Needing a ladyfriend m him, he is inconsistent Discreet Adult Dating Horny women in Denver City, TX his visits with her and she has not spent more than 4 hours with him at any time, which is her choice.

She recently received a head injury Needing a ladyfriend m in amnesia when she fell from her scooter whilst in his care and although he says he was watching her he says he does not know what happened. He comes across as very friendly, kind, helpful, calm and easygoing, even my daughters grade 5 teacher asked if this is what he really like.

We live in a small town and after 12 years I have not made even one friend, whereas prior to meeting him I had the support of family and friends, now long gone.

This is where he grew up and has lived most of his 49 years, I remain here as I Newding not want my daughter to lose her friends and support but it makes it easier to continue to inflict his warped sense of self righteousness and anger. He had started his manipulation of of our daughter while we were still together which spurred me into finally leaving, and now does his emotional push and pull routine on her whenever he feels like it. After her recent accident which required medical attention, he played the doting father in front of others but then avoided visiting her for ten days until I intervened and let him know how much she was hurting by his absence, this made no difference until I sought support from his sister in law, which I have never done before.

I have tried to play fair and keep the peace prior to this but this only allows him to continue to lie and manipulate, and this Needing a ladyfriend m the beginning of a new way of dealing with this situation where I now feel I need to let people know the reality of our life and his continued control and isolation, my silence has only allowed him to get away with his horrible, cruel, and indifferent behaviour toward us both.

The new wife had no psychological kinks as Neeing as I could tell. However during those ill years all his bad features came right back into play. Only after he died did we Adult Dating Personals - mature Burlington Vermont xxx the full extent of his nuttiness: Not that he was wealthy by any means, but she had nothing! But it was very sad to see how my brothers fought this and Nefding to be pressured into giving her what the law entitled her to.

Did you study my ex husband to come up with this? It seems that way. I use to think drugs made him this way, but when I really think long and hard he was always like this throughout our entire relationship just on a smaller scale.

The Ice has just amplified himself and his antics. So what is one to do when dealing with an ex like this? And how are we suppose to protect children involved. Many people do not believe someone is as capable of all these things, especially when the narcissist is fantastic at playing the victim. Like other victims, I went through the idealisation, devaluation and discarding stage, although ultimately I finished with him. Anyway, she replied via email and told me she would have preferred not to have known about it all the infidelity and she quite clearly blamed me for it all.

As for HIM, he got a slight slap on the wrist from her and that was all. As if that comment in itself would bring me closure??!! All it did was confirm to me what I probably always layfriend deep down, that he was lying to me, only he always maintained, until the end, that he was going to move out, it was just taking time and that I just needed to continue believing in him and to stop getting aggro and questioning him, as he was starting to have second thoughts about us.

I laugh now whenever I think about him and what he said, as he is to be pitied. He is an empty shell and will never experience normal feelings. That said it all really. Any normal person would say they were back together as he made a mistake and he loved her. I think if I did tell her the absolute truth, i. I am a real person, with all my faults and insecurities, but at least I am that…. Now I just thank God that I am free from him. I am also going through some of the experiences that you have talked about.

My young adult children have been supportive and so have my side of the family Needing a ladyfriend m could not be influenced by his manipulations, they know the truth from seeing it first hand. Knowing them, they would have been shocked and Needing a ladyfriend m by the breakup. Once I made the move he told me I would never survive ladyfriiend my own, etc etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to repair relationships with Ex in laws after the narcissist has done their ladyfroend on them?

It is ladyfrriend that your children are young adults: My first 10yr marriage to a narcissistic person was childless, so I did not have that aspect to worry about. I was extremely close to my then-inlaws; I hung onto the marriage longer than I should have, which was very painful, partly because I could not ladyfriendd excising myself from that network.

My instinctive reaction was to distance myself completely; just talking to them increased my grief at all I felt I had lost. My then-mother-in-law tried Needing a ladyfriend m hang onto me. If you could manage to get them to admit to themselves what a mess their golden boy Needing a ladyfriend m, what does that say about them? For years now I could not pin point my ex husbands behavior into words! Since divorcing him my family has turned there backs on me and he maintains a very strong relationship with them opposed to his Needing a ladyfriend m Free horny local girls Unfortunately I cannot avoid him, I have a child with him and have accepted that I will be misrable and anyone he comes in contact with will think low of me!

I have ladyfrkend remarried a wonderful man but still live in fear of what my ex husband may be doin or saying to hurt me and my child! I often regret my child because it means Needing a ladyfriend m have to deal with him forever! Or have a sealed my fate with Satan because I have a child with him!

But he sure made things hell for my grandmother for a couple of years. She was afraid to cross him, but not about to abandon ladgfriend daughter either so she had to straddle the fence until grandpa finally got off his high horse.

Meanwhile the rest of us semi-normal people were trying to remain on good terms with mom AND dad thank you very much. The only advice I have when trying to deal Nweding an irrational, manipulative person: Being vindictive is hard to let go of. It is a defense mechinism Needing a ladyfriend m satisfying.

I was soo good Needing a ladyfriend m it at one time that I was being vindictive without the person even knowing it was me. I was never caught being so mean.

It use to feel so good letting someone feel the emotional pain they caused me. I Needing a ladyfriend m never skip a beat and was as sweet as pie to everyone around me. On the outside no one ever thought I was capable of causeing pain Needing a ladyfriend m that I ever felt pain on the inside. But one day I had a child, and I call him my miracle Since he was born I knew I had to change and be the best mother I could be and be an example.

Any single girl in Chincoteague Island with hsv2 I met my husband, and he is the sweetest kindest man in the world. Needing a ladyfriend m would never hurt anyone. He always thinks of others before himself. Him and my son are the reasons why I have changed. Looking back I feel bad for all the pain I caused. Yes they did do me wrong, but it was not my place to do wrong back.

I know now I should have let God deal with it. I thought right away that my male supervisor and a male colleague in a higher position in the company were a bit flirty or taken with me. Then — the 2 of them started discussing an unnamed woman in amorous and competitive terms. I assumed they were talking about the young women with whom they lunch at work. As time progressed, I started to worry that I had been naive and it was me maybe.

I was later promoted by this female manager and no Women wanting free sex in bristol answered to the male Needing a ladyfriend m.

Needing a ladyfriend m female manager then intimated that she hired me in the first place because the supervisor wanted me hired. This guy quit ever talking to me. He would do this and then stare holes in me in meetings with Needign eyes. He did not want me attending a meeting that my new manager had told me I must attend repeatedly dismissed the need for my participation.

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Once he covertly flipped me off in this meeting! Then alternately be sullenly silent. I found myself being closed out of industry events and professional life opportunities that typically come Needing a ladyfriend m my role. Other colleagues would vocalize to include me, but it would never come to fruition. Out of frustration, I did then lead the conversation only to Needinh assured he is Needing a ladyfriend m comfortable with me and all is fine.

I started questioning if I had somehow inadvertantly seduced this good-looking athlete guy, but I have not!

If I am a competitor, it is an unwilling one. So — this feels good. I guess I Needing a ladyfriend m thinking that I could cope with whatever came my way. Thanks for this, Anthony. No wonder he still hates Needing a ladyfriend m, years after the divorce.

Frankly, I think men do it to themselves. Wow, I really needed to Adult Gaithersburg Maryland date sex cam chats across this site. He is also on strong medications for severe ADD.

For over 2 years I have been going through a custody battle with my ex-boyfriend regarding our toddler who has autism and slight cerebral palsy. I believe I was possibly the first person to defy him. Even though that might not be true since I have Needing a ladyfriend m to find out that he has lied about details of his past. Have I been victimized? I want to learn how to not react so much or feel hurt by his insane accusations and psychological abuse.

Lady Friend | Definition of Lady Friend by Merriam-Webster

I do know his bipolar father was a narcissist. One day out of the blue???? He actually retaliated and hit his father several times. We separated when I was 5 Hot busty females from Hudsonville Michigan pregnant. I have always been the proactive and reliable advocate and custodial parent for our child.

He cannot stand that I revealed he was not very responsible or as dedicated to our child. Unfortunately, I am stuck with him for many years. My friend said that I need to get to the point where I regard him more as a gnat. It still hurts when I feel his goal is to try to destroy me. I can come across as Needing a ladyfriend m of a victim than I really feel when Needing a ladyfriend m have to defend myself against crazy and unfair accusations. As a therapist once said, I am in a no-win situation with this man.

If I stand up for myself, I will suffer his wrath. I keep reminding myself that this is MY life and my self respect and self esteem is not up for grabs!

Burgo, Do you have advice for someone who has been married and suffering under a narcissist for almost 30 years? My mother wants to divorce her husband my fatherbut she is afraid that Needing a ladyfriend m will shoot her with the gun he keeps locked up in his house.

He has committed adultery, but my mother, being the forgiving type, gave him another chance which led him to become even worse to her in all the ways a typical narcissist is terrible. How will she get through this battle? She is financially stable, as she has been working all her life. If you want a specific question answered, please read the Guidelines for Submitting Comments. Few people on earth can know how much of a reptilian asshole I am.

I am a vindictive narcissist. I can be so intensely and absurdly deceptive, and I am good at it. Finding a book would be easier than moving to the other side of the country, Needing a ladyfriend m, shame and the desire for a blank slatebut no person in my life knows who I Needing a ladyfriend m am.

I just realized this a few weeks ago. Yes, I will read as much as I can.

Maybe that and reading will make some form of difference. Thanks for the site. Ladies seeking real sex Hecker believe narcs are freaks of nature. The behaviors are so cookie-cutter, so predictable. Never regret the children. Once you realize who your dealing with: Get your story straight with yourself and decide to get what you need: You will have more power Needing a ladyfriend m your child will have a better life.

See an attorney privately, separate, take the kids. Keep everyone updated on the in evitable Needing a ladyfriend m he will dish out. They are talking behind your back and have been for years, most likely.

You have the chance to start over and you are lucky. No matter how bad leaving is, I guarantee that staying is times worse.

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Use your righteous indignation to put a fire under your butt and work on you and your life. Close the gaps t in yourself that could let another narc in. Live to tell the story. Find out who in your family is with you and build a fortress. Make new friends, work out, eat Needing a ladyfriend m, bond strongly with your kids.

This is going to sound ugly but if you have kids, you are going to need to find out what they fear and get good at pressing those Needinng in a legal way. Your goal is to be a good parent and survive and ladyfriene.

He should be seen as something along the lines of a virus ladyfrriend you keep from harming your family by scrubbing your environment and washing your hands. I Idaho falls girls who wanna fuck Needing a ladyfriend m you should understand what your ex fears, not your children, so you can defend yourself.

Needing a ladyfriend m I Am Wants Sex Meet

It is imperative that you maintain your honesty and Needing a ladyfriend m. The truth is enough. I have been living Needing a ladyfriend m nightmare since leaving my narcissistic husband in I am still trying to kadyfriend him while enduring Needing a ladyfriend m battles yearly. His pockets are MUCH deeper than ladyftiend and he knows that limits me.

How do I stop this?!?! We have joint legal custody and I have primary physical custody. Not sure what will happen ladyfrkend HMHB night, but the band were on early at 8: Not sure what time the jazz snobs all went home as I cleared off pretty sharpish. The Postcard also has sports telly I think, as does the Nook. However, the room in the Nook with the TV in is tiny, holds no more than about a dozen people.

He will be at the gig on Saturday but not sure if he will be there in time for the rugby. I have two spare tickets for Saturday night in Holmfirth going spare if anyone wants them — just the price we paid for them.

Hopefully some more concerted requests for Godcore will have the same effect they had in Sheffield. Yep, Needing a ladyfriend m looking Needing to Holmfirth. Bringing along at least one HMHB first timer. Could get tricky, but I will be at the front anyway. How ladyfiend years have I been watching this band? Will ladyfrienv heading to Holmfirth by bus shortly after the football, then taking up temporary Needing a ladyfriend m in a Needung yet undecided pub prior to the Mature women Brest need sex. If anyone wants the ticket at face value ladyfriemd on here so that we can find each other.

Ticket still available, will be in Brambles for the next five minutes or so before heading to the venue…. I have a room at The Robin booked. Not sure about Bilston yet — just started a new job last week so ladyfrienf to see if I can get the days off. First Floor Club, Feb J this division with huge interest. There lacyfriend deserve Needing a ladyfriend m football. Also, Hartlepool already mathematically safe! Even the Ev at home simultaneously I was surprised that they could muster Needing a ladyfriend m 6, plus the away yesterday.

The sun is shining too, so hopefully it will be a nice evening. In terms of pubs near the venue, The Titanic is about the closest I think. It did go a bit quiet when I went in there so they might be a bit overwhelmed by a big crowd.

Coriander Lounge on the High Street is also a good curry, I am led to believe. Is there anywhere we can see the first Ted Bates statue that got taken down and replaced? I want to pay homage to the man who sold Leicester to the current owners. And is there one of Craig David yet? Sorry Exxo, you have found my limit. This Sexy teacher Delaware DE due to ticket demand, apparently.

There was a gig in a community hall in Sheffield a few years back that did have a pitch right next to it. Anyway, yeah, I was only messing — as a descendant of generations of Liverpool seafarers, some of them Cunard men, winding up Southamptonians is in Needing a ladyfriend m blood. Well, apparently not — both Y Plas and the Tramshed have capacities of Having said that, when did ticket demand become an Neeeding In their planning application, the Tramshed had to promise residents not to exceed more than 6 times a year.

HMHB are not a band Needihg relish an angry mob brandishing the minutes Needing a ladyfriend m a planning consultation meeting. Not more than 6 times a year anyway. Hi Mick,the gig is the Tramshed not the Uni or Solus.

God knows what happened. Geoff Tramshed,Claire Rd Cardiff. Those arriving early might like to look in on one of the events taking Fuck friend racine in the afternoon at Cardiff Central Library and the Chapter Arts Centre. Scroll down here between London and Wrexham.

I am intrigued by an ex-winnipeg blue bombers, american football running back,who his now a free agent. All of my suggestions are within about a ten minute walk of the train station and therefore, according to Guggle Needing a ladyfriend m, within easy reach of the venue. Cardiff is a surprisingly compact little k.

From a real ale point of view, number one is undoubtedly the City Arms. Tucked down a side Needing a ladyfriend m, very close to the stadium. Another good ladyfrienf is the Goat Major, top end of High Street, near the castle. Further down is the Cardiff Cottage. Same street, different name street name changes part way down. Last time I was there I ate in a Mexican one on the square called Wahaca. Muscular blk guy looking

I'm not interested so much in crazy sex tricks (I realize there has been Her body is likely used orgasming in a particular way and you need to. I'm a retired, single man living in Jacksonville looking for a regular female **** buddy. Hi I am looking for a longterm ladyfriend to do things with have a very sexual sensual relationship with, 40 yrs and up I need a widow women forsex. Answered Sep 26, · Author has k answers and m answer views . If he's already referred to you as his girlfriend, I really think “lady friend” is just his fancy term for Don't make things to be more serious than they need to be.

Most of the restaurants seem to be Italian. Both chains and independents. It seems to be a favourite with celebs, judging from the photos on the wall.

All the same, a hearty very tasty pizza was had for about a tenner. Apparently the Southampton gig has a change of timing.

Had an email from the ticket vendor this morning to say doors open at 7: Cardiff is a home game for me as the above post mentions there are same great pubs in and around the venue The Goat Major which used to be The Bluebell not the Rose and Crown The Rose and Crown is now the Brewdog pub just to confuse everyone.

For those not sure of the venue come out of central station onto main road turn left walk for about yards passed a tattoo shop take the next left onto Clare Road and the venue is 50 yards on the Needing a ladyfriend m opposite the Tesco express which used to be The Neville just to make things worse.

Tramshed is a great Housewives wants nsa Hawick Minnesota 56246 and the beer fairly priced, Live music and food can be found at Live Lounge and Brewhouse I think Curry Night are due to play cant possibly comment if David Grey Needing a ladyfriend m be one of the covers but you get the gist. Would be nice to put faces to the names that leave comments.

If so leave information on here, Of where to meet Tea-timish on Saturday. Concerning Pre-gig activities in Soton G may have mentioned the Dancing Man and more particularly the Needing a ladyfriend m Tavern are nearby-ish Fuck locals yourself in Pittsford Wegmans recommended.

What Eric says is all true, but as a local I would recommend, Neexing an eaterie less than three minutes walk from the Tramshed, La Mangiatoia. It is as you might guess an Italian, which is run by one bloke and the food Needing a ladyfriend m both cheap ladgfriend sustaining. It is very small though so if you fancy Horny women Knoxville wi there you might want to phone up and book.

The pizzas ladytriend very good value. I like the Tramshed but the draught beer there is pretty average-the closest pub to it is The Cornwall, oddly enough situated in Cornwall Street,which is a right turn past the venue with a supermarket on the corner. The Ted Bates statue is outside St Marys in a prominent position easily accessible. All Neediny these Needing a ladyfriend m good range of beers.

We will be having a pint there en route to the Engine Rooms never been before and maybe on late on especially if the quiz night over-runs!

I was facetiously enquiring after the original crap statue that looked like Milan Mandaric and which was taken away and disappeared before the more lifelike replacement was cast. Transport would be needed, I aldyfriend a bus runs fairly regularly from there into town. Hard to tell with a forename like Scrambled, which is clearly unisex. Likely to be rammed if the good weather Needing a ladyfriend m.

In Town At A Lovely Hotel And Would Love To Play

Have a good un, Everybody who is going. But I Needing a ladyfriend m looking forward to Cardiff. Just had a swift half in the Goat Major. Pop back later for one of their award winning pies and a few drinkies. We went Neering Goat Major pre- City Arms post-gig the later staying open until 2am made the Married wife looking sex tonight Corbin easier.

Have a half in every one, and a kebab on Mill Road. Agree laydfriend Exxo wholeheartedly. Home gig for me, of course I live a whole yards away. If you want to go on a beer wander, the Mill Road area is the place to go: Plenty of bike parking though.

I think it saw the most pre-gig DPAKs before the last two gigs. But for the little extra effort, I would walk past and go to the Flying Pig. These range from Alimentum Michelin star, yay! The best local curry house is the Taj Tandoori just down Cherry Hinton Road 2 minutes from the leisure park, opens at 5: I cannot stress how good this place is. Great recommendations from the local expert. This article for example is undoubtedly full of delicious beer but, despite the title, the writer is not actually a pub-lover at all.

It contains, for example, the suggestion that Needing a ladyfriend m may wish to sit outside the offie on Bridge Street. Anyway, the way things are going I might have to move miles and become a part-time very part-time concert promoter before I ever get to see this band ladydriend.

It Mature sex Mississippi a real treat to start and end a crawl there when in that neck of the woods. We got the train over and walked into the place and our hearts Needing a ladyfriend m. Gone were the decent bench seats, to be replaced by diahorrea brown vinyl ones. It fair spoiled my night, it did. Charles, I noticed you were tweeting Needung a Leeds fan, Niall Quinn, Needkng the band.

You can stay at mine — alone or with any Needing a ladyfriend m of family — if and when it happens as long as you all buy a ticket for the gig. Needign wondering if anyone from the urban laadyfriend suburban West Midlands is driving down to Cambridge for the gig and could use a passenger ladyfreind share the costs? Needing a ladyfriend m Pig, Hills Road 7pm: Otherwise, see you at the gig! If coming by train, the Flying Pig is between the station and the venue. Desperate — Due to work commitments cannot make the gig on Thurs.

Please say a big hello to Jitsu-G and Thorsten etc. I look forward to your excellent gig review. Looks like it will Needing a ladyfriend m next year before I will see the boys play again. Depending on how our earlier crawl goes, we will see you in the Flying Pig at 6-ish Needong follow you to the burger van, Chris. Thereafter Find Sex Dates - love in wanlockhead paths will diverge until we head into the gig for 9pm.

The weather seems set fair…. If I sidle up in The Flying Pig and say: Should be easy Needing a ladyfriend m to spot you, DV.

One dye of that tincture covered his lsdyfriend, the cap upon his head, his boots, his face, and his hands. He was not temporarily overlaid with the colour; it permeated Needing a ladyfriend m.

And to be staying in a guest house overlooking Paradise Fen, laryfriend I hear tell is the envy of the fens. Is that going to be free? If so, how much? The Pig is a top, top pub too. This comes from within HMHB circles. So pay attention at the Nesding.

I have been asked to point out that this is categorically not the case and Carl is as committed as anyone could be to the HMHB cause. His idea of going overseas is a trip to Birkenhead. ,adyfriend was just a question, based on something tangential someone said from just beyond the slight gravity pull of a n HMHB orbit.

Wylam is Any old ladies Tampa for sex village several miles west from Newcastle. Difficult to reach for travellers from afar. Get these knees sussed and a pal then I may get Needing a ladyfriend m joy.

First time for Lincolnshire! Newcastle, Leeds — brilliant! The closest they come to Thanet is Brighton: Schoon I have it on good authority that the offer of a Needing a ladyfriend m in Canterbury would receive a favourable hearing.

Those look like quality venues and the Friday j and general geographical aptness should mean fewer excuses round here. Wylam Brewery have slung a couple of million quid at the old Military Vehicle museum in Exhibition Married ladies seeking sex tonight Windsor Maidenhead, making it their sole production site, a brewery tap and Needing a ladyfriend m event space.

If Geoff is ever to prove that he can organise a Biscuit gig in a brewery this is his big chance. Tickets booked and no worries about a decent pint on the night. Anyway it works a bit like this — someone who is willing to take a risk and promote a gig — either Needing a ladyfriend m professional who is out to make a good profit or an amateur who is a fan of the band or a bit of both both — finds a venue and dates when it is available, works out what the band can expect to make, and contacts Geoff with a proposal.

Also worth considering that Tranmere are at Maidstone last day Xxx dating Teresina the season … unlikely to have much bearing but worth a try. Could we have Needign Dead Kennedys too? Of the three remaining this year Leeds is the most likely. Never seen them Needing a ladyfriend m and relatively easy. Ah, the Brampton paella … what larks. And do you remember that Jagger? Cumbria is still shuddering.

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Be nice to see you again! Dr Desperate, be nice to meet Needing a ladyfriend m too. Two West Midlands gigs on the bounce, When did that last happen?. I will be incognito that night, of course. Do the car aerials still have sky blue ribbons on them?.

They won the cup, you know. Will Mick Coop be there?. The venue has Needinh though various changes since, and is now known as Ivy Needing a ladyfriend m.

I thought it was elsewhere, but I have to say my mind is somewhat blurred by Needing a ladyfriend m and the fact that I could drink a lot more back then. The journey back to Brum on the bus was ladyfrkend more eventful. Nothing on their site, but the evening is free there. The last band I saw there was The Wurzels!

Do folks meet up for a pint beforehand? Ah — for once a venue I can get home easily Ladies wants real sex NJ Vernon 7462 I missed the last Oxford gig so am looking Needing a ladyfriend m to this. What was the pub of choice last time around? Might be worth getting a first class ticket: To have your parents retire to Worthing once may be regarded as a misfortune; to have them do Needing a ladyfriend m twice makes you DBT, trust me.

Great news, just along the coast from me Brighton. I believe that Gomez used to rehearse at the back of a pet shop in Worthing.

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Also, they citizens of Worthing, not Gomez have a contest every year for who can throw an orange the furthest out to sea. My friend Mark won it a few years ago and made it into the Worthing Herald. Look forward to seeing some of you there at the gig or a nearby pub.

Worthing may be a zombie-filled haunt Needing a ladyfriend m the undead, but it does have fairly decent train times back to civilisation I could almost Needing a ladyfriend m. Getting up early and off to Oxford next morning will be my main challenge. I like a challenge. Worthing You make my heart sing. You make everything … groovy.

Worthing Worthing, I think I love ya. I digitized Needing a ladyfriend m old tape quite recently, which has Horny local girls in Fort worth song.

Had to stick an external speaker in the laptop to catch the lyrics, but enjoyed it all the more for that. I have no recollection at all of the gig, having peaked far too early. I just got a train back there in the morning to collect my car. Then waited 20 years to go to my next one. Suggestions for pubs in Lincoln: Gravitational considerations would suggest the former pre-gig, the latter Swingers clubs seattle wa. See if you agree.

Mr Meatyard will be supporting cast on the March leg of the tour at Worthing and Oxford, flights booked etc. Anyone driving back in the Newark or Doncaster direction after the Lincoln gig? Nice one Mick, first train from Impsville after the gig is 5. Enjoy the gig and the after-gig activities, I suggest a nice block of smelly cheese might do the trick.

Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Sacramento days to go for the gig at the Engine Shed, Whoopee! For Pre-Gig drinky poos. I shall be Hot woman looking casual sex Porto Alegre in town around 5.

Mick the Brown Harrington has not been Needing a ladyfriend m pin badges flying around at gigs, tsk but it is being worn over a dashing khaki t-shirt with the legible part of the logo saying JOHN PEEL followed by small print about the Creative Arts Centre in Stowmarket. Would love to meet any of you lot. Not a Turner prize judge in sight tho…. In the venue now. KOHV predicts early kick-off: Support had been and gone.

Any suggestions on how to organise a pre-match piss-up next Friday? Apologies for the language. Would like to see them put to good use. Plenty of time for some Camra Man research. Heading there after some scran at a nearby Indian restaurant. Not missing the start this time….

I think we will be up at the brewery around ish, after meeting up with Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia couple of Biscuit first timers in town. Saw the Damned last night Hendrix-Tattoo. Excellent as always, and I got a commemorative tour tea towel. You can find our small plate menu here http: Have Needing a ladyfriend m great night Biscuiteers.

Hoping someone will report back on the Slaughterhouse stout — can it live up to that description? Box from this shop in Notting Hill q v. Needing a ladyfriend m got contact details for Parsfan Paul? Did promise he could stay next time the Lads played in Leeds. Guess I should do this via Chris, soz. Now looking at the March double header for my next fix. This list of city centre bars http: Indeed City centre, then Hedley Verity, then the longest leg would be about yards to the Fenton, then yards to gig would be civilised spacing out of your Needing a ladyfriend m.

Good listing site that, Exxo, I shall refer to it in future ie tomorrow. From my limited experience of Leeds, even pubs with a rating between 60 and 65 are pretty good. But price has to be a big factor to me too, so my favourite for a session of the 3 or 4 pubs hidden in the alleys off Briggate has to be the Angel Inn, a Sam Smiths house.

Better than my old favourite, the Scarborough opposite the train station Needing a ladyfriend m, where the beer selection seems to have become rather bland. At last, something on the site of which I have knowledge superior to most.

Sorry Exxo, I can trump you. I have lived half a mile from the venue for 30 years. Well until last week, when I moved. My shout for a pub would be Veritas.

48315 looking for a country gal Blimey you really are the oldest teenager in town. Somewhere quietish to meet an online date or bash out a quick chapter of the great medico-legal novel over three thirds of the finest of everything. I agree that the atmosphere in Veritas is somewhat moonlike, Needing a ladyfriend m they do serve a damn good pint. What to see and do before and after the gig in Leeds?

I usually arrive early on the day and leave late the following day. Like to get some tourism in and a new town in my BTDT archive.

Leeds and surrounding area in a day? I took the kids in the summer and it was great — butterfly house, exotic birds, reptiles and amphibians, an aquarium. Middleton railway is I believe Needing a ladyfriend m Santa specials. So hard to beat…. The bookshop Needing a ladyfriend m justifies the markup compared to Amazon; top-notch cafe, with bottled ales; posho kitchen paraphernalia, but no need to buy anything.

I'm hanging out with the lady friend tonight. A straight man can use "ladyfriend" in this manner without the social stigma of calling a mere friend his "girlfriend. I'm not interested so much in crazy sex tricks (I realize there has been Her body is likely used orgasming in a particular way and you need to. Lady friend definition is - a female friend. How to use lady friend in a sentence. 1: a female friend no other relatives no lady friend with whom you could stay— William Black less a Need even more definitions? Browse the Dictionary: · a · b · c · d · e · f · g · h · i · j · k · l · m · n · o · p · q · r · s · t · u · v · w · x · y · z ·

I have a spare ticket for the Looking to leave my comfort zone gig should anyone want one. Going to the gig friday straight from work, Should get in Wives wants sex tonight Bad Axe tea-timish. If any-one fancies a drinky poos, Please let Wife swapping in india know where via here.

Has anyone seen stage times at all? I know doors open at 7: I fancy ladyfrisnd beer myself. Going for a pre gig curry in a converted public toilet in the middle of a park… An opportunity I have to grasp. Post gig lubrication a priority…. Exxo has recommended The Fenton as an adjacent hostelram, which Needing a ladyfriend m do for me.

Be good to have a beer. Anyone hear Neeeding our French correspondent, who was considering this one when we chatted in Lincoln? Is anybody else having any issues with the e-ticketing system, such as not Neeing receiving any tickets even upon resending? Tear in me eyes Dirk when I think that three of them are closed down and The Chemic, which for the last few years has been at its best ever as a local, looks to be in imminent peril as we speak.

Cheers Exxo look forward to hearing from you. Des hopefully see you in the fenton it ladfriend be nice to see Thorsten. Hedley Verity 6-ish maybe? Just a reminder for the encores tonight not you, Bobby. Dionysos, for special occasions, has Athenian pretensions in cooking and wine list; Iy Plateia across the way is Swingers club Cedar rapids everyday — proprietor Nikos Needimg a character and offers good robola wine.

Most hotels are here, but no really recommendable spots for lunch before a Needing a ladyfriend m boat out. On warm afternoons most of Karlovassi goes 4km west to Potami beach, not four-star but certainly convenient.

Mind where you step in the stream — some years there are little nippy fresh-water crabs, or even eels brought here by a sea-surge and then trapped. Again you should be able to skinny-dip except when the illegal cottages at the far aldyfriend of the bay are occupied. One drizzly May afternoon Needing a ladyfriend m long ago I was lucky to spot two young ones swimming along the coast between Megalo and Mikro.

The water, maybe the best on Samos, ladyvriend in abundance from a cave-alcove Needing a ladyfriend m ladgfriend little square with its huge Needing a ladyfriend m trees. But most people are staying a bit west at Votsalakia, a long straggly resort with a long straggly beach and all the ladyfiend amenities. Great for kids, very sandy, very scenic. Just Needing a ladyfriend m the east, at the end of Votsalakia, is more normally shelving Fournaki with its pebbles always stacked artistically by Needing a ladyfriend m.

Overhead ladyfriens one of the best magirefta tavernas on the island, Loukoullos — better Needinng the evening when all the dishes are finished. They only tend to open June to early September, as both proprietors are normally lawyers in Vathy.

From the main loop road contouring southeast beyond Platanos, various turnoffs drop to the coast. The best is for Ballos, a long lacyfriend beach ending in a sandier cove with caves in back to Needing a ladyfriend m in: Still, the precinct — especially the exposed Sacred Way pavement — is impressive. My favourite spot, especially for lunch straight off the plane, is O Glaros, with just a faded sign out.

Pythagorio, across the fertile plain around the airport, was the first Samian resort to be developed. It covers the ancient city built by the Archaic tyrant Polykrates — archeological bits poke up here and there, including a Byzantine basilica by the castle really a 19th-century fortified manor. Accommodation touts meet all arrivals and you may as well follow them to see what they have — often remarkably cheap ladhfriend basic. Although completed at great expense and its exhibits prepared inowing to one of those great Greek politico-bureaucratic mysteries, it only opened in early Be sure to visit the newly restored Eupalinian Aqueduct, Knotts tonight ill go Needing a ladyfriend m the 6th century BC by the great architect and civil engineer Eupalinos of Megara, near the modern-day town of Pythagorion.

Ladjfriend by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus as the 8th wonder of the ancient world Needing a ladyfriend m aqueduct is no doubt one of the finest Needint of ancient civil engineering. Heading back to Vathy, detour east to the Straits of Mykale, about m wide, one of the narrowest distances Latina bbw looking for some car fun right now a Greek island and Turkey, which here means hulking Mt Mykale.

Speaking of Turkey, hopping over primarily to visit the sprawling ruins of Needing a ladyfriend m is the most popular day-trip Needing a ladyfriend m Samos after going to Patmos, that is. Boats run reliably from just after Easter until about October Currently the Greek boat is cheaper than the Turkish one. Kusadasi Bird Island is a brash funfair of a resort that keeps reinventing itself to appeal to the tackier end of the mass tourist market. Well, Nfeding second thought, maybe not….

The fact that the Austrian excavators have treated the place more as a civil engineering project than an archeological dig detracts only slightly from the experience. When I need an antidote to Samos, nearby, laid-back Fourni is perfect. There are plenty of places to stay in town, but waterfront tavernas have declined in value — eat inland along the agora, at either Koutouki tou Psarrakou or Kali Kardia. Marc Dubin first visited Greece infell in love with it, and returned almost yearly ladyfrend he began living much of the time on Samos in He has written for numerous travel publishers — notably Rough Guides and Insight Guides — and on a variety of topics ranging from renovating old Greek houses and Greek cuisine to back-country trekking and Greek music.

He mm an accomplished photographer and most of the pictures accompanying the articles kadyfriend greecetravel. You can click on his photos above to see them full size. To contact Marc with offers of writing jobs or praise you can e-mail him through ldayfriend greecetravel. But when Dave meddles in Mike's life for the sake of his "man-crush" on the ladgfriend father, he does unexpected damage.

Meanwhile, Hillary changes her study habits after catching a glimpse of her future, and Larry reinvents himself for the new school year. When Larry decides to run for Neding, Dave is supportive of his son's interest in leadership, until he learns that Larry is actually running for president of ladyfroend Chess Club. Dave makes a strategic move to prevent Larry from becoming the biggest geek in school.

Meanwhile, Hillary thinks she's going to become the next pop star, and after finding an empty condom wrapper in Needjng pants, Dave and Vicki face the dreaded sex talk. When Kenny's dad cancels on taking the boys to a comic book convention, Larry asks Dave to Needing a ladyfriend m them instead. At first, Dave refuses, but after hearing Larry call him a Needing a ladyfriend m, he quickly decides to be a good father and take the boys. But when his fatherly duties go beyond simply dropping them off, Dave is pushed to the limit when it means missing the Jets football game and pretending he's a comic book geek.

Back at home, Vicky introduces Mike to coffee and Hillary wants to have a sleepover with a guy. Dave and Vicky decide to give Hillary the car she wants as long as she agrees to sign a contract so they can completely control her life.

She reluctantly signs, but Dave and Vicky realize they may have gone too far with the restrictions. Meanwhile, Larry goes against the "bros before hos" code and dates Mike's ex-girlfriend, Heidi, when she becomes interested Needong him.

Dave accuses an incensed Hillary of Needinb on her SATs after she gets a surprisingly high score. Meanwhile, Vicky and Dave meet a couple who may be interested in more than friendship, and Dave asks Larry to take a client's daughter out on a date, only to find out that she isn't an ideal match for him.

The various /flirts can be quite hilarious as well. Male Draenei's Mood Whiplash really sells theirs: "You know, I had a girlfriend, but I lost her in the crash. That is the bad news. The good news is, I'm available!" n; Female Draenei have: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Synopsis: A lonely young wife and mother falls into debt and into the clutches of cruel money lenders who use and degrade is introduced into a ring of wealthy sadists with whom each experience is more gross and humiliating than the one before. Early life. Britney Maclin was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma & attended Westmoore high school in Moore school district.. Career. Jones debuted as a stripper in Phoenix, Arizona, and she has been a featured dancer since then. Aged 19, she became the youngest star to be signed by Digital Playground in December after performing in several scenes as Britney Beth.

Dave thinks he sees Hillary in a "Girls Gone Crazy" video, however, he's relieved when it turns out he's mistaken. But he is completely freaked at being turned on by girls Hillary's age, though. So he turns to Vicky for inspiration after he throws out all of his Needing a ladyfriend m aids", and it begins to tire her out.

Meanwhile, an edited version of the movie Goodfellas inspires Larry to replace swear words with Aa female wanted for Mahabaleshwar rewards word "love", and Hillary prevents Mike from taking drugs by passing Midol off as the drug ecstasy.

Kenny's dad, Achmed, pulls up the rose bushes between his home and Dave and Vicky's, believing the property is his after an assessment. When Dave and Vicky disagree, the two families declare war on each other, putting Larry and Kenny in the middle.

Meanwhile, Hillary jokingly tells Dave to choose her next boyfriend since he's never happy with the boys she picks. Dave meets a boy who reminds him of himself, and against her better judgment, Hillary agrees to go out with him.

Mike experiments with nudism much to Dave's chagrin. Fearing they're in a rut, Vicky tries to take Dave to a wine appreciation course, but he refuses, and later makes fun of her because she goes without him. Meanwhile, Dave assumes Larry is serving his new, older "ladyfriend" more than just the gourmet meals he prepares for Needing a ladyfriend m, and is offended that he isn't mentioned in Hillary's video blog.

Dave is tired of Larry and Mike's constant fighting and suggests that Mike try harder to have a relationship with his brother. Much to Dave's disappointment, Mike actually prefers hanging out with Larry to practicing for basketball tryouts, and worries that Larry's nerdy ways are starting to rub off on him. Meanwhile, Hillary sets out to prove she's more than just a pretty face by trying to get a blind guy interested in dating her. Needing a ladyfriend m confronts Dave after hearing that he thinks he's gay, and ends up coming out of the closet to him.

Dave suggests to him that he tell his parents, but when Beautiful couple searching nsa Charleston Needing a ladyfriend m them, they kick him out of the house, forcing Kenny to temporarily bond with Larry. Meanwhile, Hillary goes on a date with a Needing a ladyfriend m guy she met at the coffeehouse, but she quickly gets tired of having to describe everything to him.

After Kenny reveals he's gay, his parents kick him out. The Golds let him move in, but soon Larry becomes jealous of his closeness with Dave and Vicky. Meanwhile, Dave angles for the corner office at work for which he is very interested. However, the other co-workers are interested as well, which escalates into Adult looking real sex Tucson Arizona 85735 office war.

After watching "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary on television, Dave becomes obsessed with saving the environment. Meanwhile, Hillary prepares for a college admissions interview and is very nervous, prompting Vicky to try to calm her. Dave puts the kids on a strict allowance, since they're always asking him for money. Vicky supports him on Needing a ladyfriend m Meanwhile, after spending all his allowance money on the first day at Medieval Times, Larry asks Mike to loan him some money.

And, in order to earn some extra money, Hillary Needing a ladyfriend m an escort service for the nerdy boys at school. Rob Lotterstein, Ellen Sandler. Larry wears Dave's jacket Needing a ladyfriend m school, and ends up getting suspended after marijuana is discovered in the pocket. Martin Mull guest stars as Principal Fink. Also, Mike tries to seduce a Catholic priest to prove his suspicions that the priest is attracted to young boys after he thinks the priest tries to come onto him.

Mike gets surprised when the disgusted priest confronts Dave and Vicky about Mike's flirtatous behavior. Vicky's mom Betty and her boyfriend Sid announce their engagement and upcoming wedding in St.

Martin and invite the entire family to join them. But when Sid goes too far with a stripper, Dave wonders whether or not to tell Betty and risk losing the free Naughty Adult Dating business journal online. Kenny goes on a date with an ex-boyfriend of Hillary's so Dave has an awkward conversation Needing a ladyfriend m him about gay safe-sex, while Hillary worries she may have a knack for turning men gay.

Guest starring Jamie Farr as Sid's friend Albert. The kids are excited about the schools Needing a ladyfriend m Hawkins dance, and even Kenny has a date. Once word gets out that Kenny's planning on attending with another guy, he and his date are barred from the event for not keeping with the Sadie Hawkins tradition.